Photo a day, day 66.  Sea Tac Airport, Seattle, July 2014.

I came across a group of happy kids when we were about to board the tram in Sea Tac airport.  Kids always make great photo subjects, so I turned my camera on, changed the settings for indoors.  I had about 2 seconds before we boarded the tram, so I could only guess the setting for the indoor light.  I shot this from the hip, and while I like the subjects, the photo came out a little underexposed so I had to increase the brightness in post. 

Bellingham, Washington.  July 2014.

This photo was a happy mistake.  I was shooting from the hip trying to get a shirtless hiker framed by my dad and grandmother, but instead got a nice candid shot of my family.

Photo a day, day 65.  Bellingham, Washington, July 2014.

Another sunset, but this time with a cool industrial foreground.  The harbor was too massive to capture in one frame so I had to stitch together three shots to make this final photo.

Tumblr forces you to look at this photo as a small sliver, but it is really an incredibly detailed and large 8193 × 2181 image.  For those who want to view the photo in full quality, here is a download link

Photo a day, day 64.  Bellevue, July 2014.

I wanted to get some overhead shots to give a less common perspective my photo today.  Overhead shots can help communicate the feeling of loneliness, so when I saw a little kid by himself I immediately started shooting (the kid’s mother was close by, but I of course kept her out of the frame).  After I took this photo I waited around hoping the kid would go into the beam of light just behind him, but alas, he ran forward to his mother.  

Target Field, Minneapolis, July 2014.

Sox fan lights up a smoke outside of Target Field. There are two bright areas in this photo, the face of the subject of the photo and the target field sign which gives context to the picture.

Photo a day, day 63.  Bellevue, Washington.  July 2014.  

Just got into Seattle to visit family and the weather in perfect here.  This is the view from my grandparent’s condo in Bellevue.  I wanted to capture the sleepy feel of Bellevue so I made sure the foreground was dark and also took up two thirds of the frame. 

Photo a day, day 62.  Wayzata, MN, July 2014.

On the way to play some golf and Lucas lit up a cig. I always like photographing smoking and the light coming in through the windows was nice and soft.  Also, the side window acts as a nice frame for Lucas’s face. 

Photo a day, day 61.  Texa-Tonka Lanes, St. Louis Park, Minnesota, July 2014.

Texa-Tonka is a blue-collar bowling alley for serious bowlers. As my friends and I bowled I started shooting photos with the goal of simply documenting the scene.  Then a cocky, loud bowler who calls himself Talladega burst through the doors and immediately started jokingly talking trash to us.  I noticed he was wearing some large, gold rings so I asked him what they were for.  ”You get this one if you bowl a 300 and this one if you bowl 800 over three games.”  

Photo a day, day 60. Dakota jazz club, Minneapolis, July 2014.

Back home in Minneapolis and catching a jazz show. My time was tight today because of travel so I had to take a photo at the show. It was too dark to take people pictures, and I didn’t want to take a simple performance shot. I came up with the idea of shooting the performance through my cell phone screen after I saw so many people taking photos and videos with their phone. I also didn’t have access to my computer so I did the post processing on my phone using VSCO cam.

Photo a day, day 59.  Venice Beach, July 2014.

I have been waiting for about three weeks to photograph this street performer.  When I first saw him I knew I wanted to get a shot, but I didn’t want to just take a picture of him performing his act.  I opted to wait for the right situation to present itself so I could add a little story to my photo.  I always had a idea of how I wanted the photo to turn out, and it included a child on their parents shoulders in the foreground.  All I had to do is wait and today my wait finally paid off.

Venice Beach, CA, July 2014.

When I was taking an evening walk on the boardwalk, I noticed a bright spotlight coming from a building that would perfectly highlight a subject in a photo.  I stopped, got my camera out, and started waiting for subjects to pass through the light.  As I was camped out with my camera, I heard a strange voice shout, “Do you give two forks about the homeless!?”  I looked over to see a sunburnt man, Michael, approach me with and grin and two forks tangled together.  We chatted a bit, and as we were discussing his graffiti art I noticed am unmarked police vehicle approaching us.  As it passed though the light I jumped behind Michael to give the photo a bit of extra context and story.

Photo a day, day 58.  My kitchen, Venice Beach, July 2014.

Sometimes interesting photos come to you.  I was sitting at my desk working and Yuki, my lovely dog, decided to rest in a bean of sunlight under the kitchen table.  Looking over, I liked how the chair and table framed Yuki and the beam of light really made her stand out.  I set my exposure so Yuki was properly exposed and the rest of the scene was underexposed, set framing, and took the shot.  

Behind the scenes video I did for Crystal Kay’s “Dum Ditty Dumb” music video.  I filmed the majority of this with the Sony A7 and used a GoPro for the opening time lapses.  I edited and color corrected the video using FCPX.